i2u.co is a global ecological network, formed by individuals.

Each page is written by an individual. The aim is to have new interesting content updated as new evidence appears and as we evolve.

If you have seen the news about Climate Change, by now its possible that you are suffering from Apocalypse Fatigue or Climate Fatigue. Thats understandable but it doesn't have to be that way ...

At i2u we believe that:

  • No one has all the answers.
  • All of us working together can create the solutions necessary.
  • Develop your own opinions. Don't believe everything you read or are told, not even here, check it out.
  • Absolute Truth does not exist, so its no use preaching
  • The aim of the site is Keep it Short and Simple, and Don't Repeat Yourself
  • Its not too late to change to avoid irreversible climate change, but it soon will be
  • Austerity is not required if we act now
  • We need to adopt a lifestyle to thrive as a society within the Earth's boundaries
  • Today ...

Still not convinced that we have a problem?

NASA Data on CO_2 levels

Nasa's data on CO_2

The cost of doing nothing

A report from Cambridge University shows that Climate Action Avoids Around $400 Trillion In Damages.

"According to the best estimates, we can avoid a 2-degree Celsius warming by investing about 1% of our GDP, which comes out to $44 trillion"

Economist - The cost of doing nothing

One World for All

The world is a Complex adaptive system, and it is always Evolving.

Our society is evolving, new technology is created every year, old beliefs are being questioned as new information appears.

At i2u we believe in Evolution not Revolution.

Revolution always implies force and violence. Also it would result in a period of recovery afterwards.

Evolution is natures way. We have spent too long fighting against Nature, lets work with it.

Welcome to our collective journey for everyone to thrive living within the Earth's boundaries