About I2U.co

I2U is a global social network focused on realistic solutions to global problems, implemented at a local level.

I2U is a platform for connecting people who want to live in a sustainable way.

We cannot wait for future generations to solve the problems that we have created.

Ghandi once said "Be the change you want to see in the world"

Waiting for politicians to solve global problems is postponing the day that each of us has to take responsibility.

Global problems go beyond personal beliefs, however, we feel its important to ask certain questions.

Can you have equilibrium in the world if you aren't in equilibrium?

Can you have peace in the world if you don't have peace within?

Can you love others if you don't love yourself?

The answer to the questions are personal.

However, it seems logical that you can only find a state of balance in the world if each of us is in equilibrium.

How does I2U finance the

The student learns from the master.

The master learns from all.

Be a master!

Join us in our search!