Carbon Footprint

See wikipedia for definition. TODO

Carbon Footprint per Country per Sector TODO

What is an acceptable carbon footprint

The average carbon footprint in the USA is TODO The lowest carbon footprints in the USA is TODO The carbon footprint needed to reach the target of only a 2 degree C rise in temperature is TODO

If we divide the amount of CO2 that can be absorbed by the Earth and divide that by the Earth's population we get a steady state figure. This is TODO the level that we should all aspire to.

Health and Carbon Footprint

Google: cabon footprint hospital per patient

Hospitals are responsible for around TODO of a Nations Carbon Footprint.

So being healthy is more environmentally friendly.

See [Healthy Living]

What can I do to reduce my Carbon Footprint

Track your carbon footprint and your families week by week to gain useful insight into how to live more sustainably.

Download the Carbon Footprint Tracker today and reduce your carbon emisions.