Ecological Volunteer

Do you want to be a volunteer onboard the EcoSRV - Ecological Scientific Research Vessel

Attitudes of Visitors and Crew

We stress the importance of having a good environment onboard. So we expect everyone onboard to be:

  • Safety conscious
  • Colaborative
  • Responsible
  • Communicative
    • Open and honest about their feelings
    • We all have our off days, recognise it and talk about it
  • Sensitive to other peoples feelings, personal space and privacy
  • Careful with equipment
  • Hygenic
  • Tidy
  • Fun Loving


  • If you have never been on a sailboat before we recommend that you bring seasickness tablets (Mareol or similar) and also take one half an hour before boarding, otherwise you will only know you need it when its too late.
  • If you are travelling with a big pack, pack essential items and clothes in a smaller day bag.