How many Earths are needed

If everyone on the planet lived the North American lifestyle we would consume almost 4 times the Earths resources

Ecological footprint (countries of one million people or more)

CountryFootprint per personHow many Earths?
United Arab Emirates8.14.7
United States of America6.83.9
Trinidad and Tobago6.03.5

Obviously the average number of Earths has to be one for the whole population of the Earth.

If you use more than 1 Earth you are forcing others to have an inferior lifestyle.

The higher the number the more poverty you are creating.

How many Earths are needed to support my Lifestyle

You can calculate how many Earths you would need using footprintnetwork's calculator or's calculator and start today to live in a more sustainable manner.

A sustainable and fair lifestyle means that we all have to use at most 1 Earth's resources.