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Natural Process

Nature is based on abundance, not scarcity.

Trees bear fruit. Creatures take what they need.

Do you really need everything you currently own?

How many things do you own that you now no longer need. How many people could really use those items.

They say that anything you haven't used in a year is something you don't need anymore.

Free yourself of things that weigh you down so that you are lighter and make room for new energy and new opportunities in your life.

What is I Give to You

  • Application Web
  • Iphone and Android App coming soon
  • Completely Free and No Advertising
  • Open Source

How it works

Givers and Receivers

#. Create a profile * Name * Address or Geo-Location (only used to select Givers and Receivers within a certain distance, kept private) * Information about themselves (optional, but highly recommended for Receivers)


#. Publish information on what they want to give * Things * Skills * Money #. State any conditions, eg. Receiver has to be a charity. Locality.


#. Search for what they need. #. Send a request to the Giver, stating why they need it and what they would use it for.


#. Givers receive the requests from Receivers #. The Giver selects a Receiver, or can choose to withdraw the gift. #. If the Giver approves sending the Gift then the two parties determine details of the transfer.

Givers and Receivers

We ask both parties to give feedback after any gift including photos and a comment.

If you agree we will publish the exchange on this website, only stating personal details with each parties consent.