Introduction to

Introduction by the founder of, Andy Bailey.

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself, as I think its important to know the people behind projects, I was born in the UK.

Since I can remember there has been a debate about the source of global warming, is it man made or a natural phenomemon? I have always thought that it is irrelevant, proving a cause-effect relationship in a complex system is almost impossible. You need a system that you can carry out experiments on, and we don't have 2 Earths on which to test hypotheses out. For me the solution has always been simple (but not easy), contaminate less, produce less CO2, reverse deforestation and observe the effect.

After studying Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, I worked for Cray Research, the Supercomputer Company which had created the first general purpose supercomputer. I was enthusiastic to be able to work on the solution to hard problems such as climate change. For a time I was assigned to work at ECMWF, the European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting. There was a famous quote by the head of ECMWF at that time, when asked by a reporter if the weather forecasts were going to get better in the future, he replied by saying "No just more expensive". I believe the reason he said that is because the Earth is such a complex system of interrelated processes that it is impossible to predict the future with certainty. So any mathematical model of weather-climate will inevitably be an approximation. Climate-weather models only take into account physical processes, imagine trying to create a model of the whole world to be able to predict the complex interactions between species.

Personally I believe I was fortunate in the sense that my first job for one of the top companies in the UK and in a short time I had a company car, private medical plan and a good salary. However, despite that I realized that money could not buy happiness. There was something missing in my life. I decided to resign from what had been my dream job and travel for a year in South America.

One year turned into 2, 3 and 25 years later I am still in South America. I have worked with Environmental Organizations, Corantioquia, the CAM and Area Metropolitana. One passion I discovered in that time is scuba diving, being able to swim alongside fish and watch them interact with the delicate, beautiful corals of every color of the rainbow. I became a PADI Diving Instructor and moved to the coast so that I could spend more time doing what I loved. However, diving every day you get to see the degradation of the reefs and the reduction of fish populations. Concerned about this I decided to save up enough money to buy a sailboat with the idea of converting it into an Ecological Scientific Research Vessel. After studying to become a Yacht Captain, in 2017 I finally managed to buy a 40ft long sailboat, the first voyage was from San Andres, via the San Blas islands, Panama, to mainland Colombia. Although the conversion process is not complete, several universities have expressed interest in using the vessel for research and educational activities.

Although a boat will not solve the problems that are affecting Marine Ecosystems, it can at least draw attention to the issues.

I firmly believe that climate To complement the I had the idea to start I2U.