Lionfish Monitoring and Control

Although Lionfish are beautiful to watch and photograph, they are an invasive species in the Caribbean. Probably introduced from ships discharging ballast after crossing the Panama canal from the Pacific to the Caribbean.

Lionfish Facts

  • A lionfish eats up to __ of its body weight daily in other juvenile fish species
  • They have no natural predators in the Caribbean
  • Their spines contain a neurotoxin, that could be fatal to a small child, and is painful for an adult if wounded
  • They have been discovered up to 200m depth
  • The female lays ____ eggs
  • Lionfish can be safely eaten as the poison is only in the spines, and also the poison is destroyed by heat.

Project Mission

  • Document the sightings of Lionfish, precise location, depth, surroundings, photograph
  • Control the population by spearfishing, documenting weight, size and preserving the stomach contents in formol for a university to carry out further research.
  • Share the information via Internet, and to other interested parties.

This is one of the permanent projects of The Ecological Scientific Research Vessel - EcoSRV