Are politicians going to solve climate change?

Politicians cater for several interest groups: banks, corporations, the upper, the middle and the lower classes.

When have politicians ever done anything that was unpopular for all of those groups?

Reducing CO2 emissions will involve a change in lifestyle, less profits for industry and hence banks.

Counteracting climate change will cost money but maybe not for the reason you think

Counteracting climate change will cost money, but maybe not for an obvious reason, the Earths resources in economy are viewed as infinite. Something infinite has no value attached to it. It has been viewed that we can cut as many trees down as we want, give off as much CO2 as we want. Modern Economics does not factor in the Environmental Damage caused by industry. What we need to do is to factor in this Externality. On paper there will be less profit today, however, we will have a world fit for future generations to inherit.

Would you accept a lower standard of living in order to care for the environment?

Its difficult to imagine the American Dream being obsolete and untenable.

Millions of people in Developing countries want to live the dream. They imagine that everything they see in Hollywood is real. That their lives will be perfect if only they could move to the USA and they will be truly happy.

Calculations show that if everyone on the planet lived the North American lifestyle we would consume almost 4 times the Earths resources

Politically Viable?

Do you think that a political leader will be successful in forcing people to change their lifestyle and corporations to make less profits.

Solution from I to You

There's no time to wait for politicians.

People have to individually want to change their lifestyle, it can't be imposed by anyone, a politician, a celebrity or a website.

Each of us need to take steps to be more environmentally friendly in how we live.

Do you think you only vote every 4 years?

Its not true, every day you vote by the choices you make, the goods you buy, the companies that you buy from.

We need to act today.

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