Product and Manufacturer Database

Are the Products you are buying Environmentally Friendly and Healthy? Is the Manufacturer Ethical?

Do you want to know the answer?

Find out in ____ an online Database of Products with Information on the:

  • Ethics of the Manufacturer
    • How are workers treated in developing countries?
  • Health Information
    • Are the flavorings natural?
    • Are the preservatives natural?
    • Are the colors natural?
    • Are the sweeteners natural?
    • Is the product certified organic?
    • What percentage of GMOs are in the product?
    • Is the product vegetarian/vegan/pescaterian?
  • Environmental Impact
    • Is there any negative impact related to this product?


  • Products are searchable by their Barcode
    • compatible with Zxing Barcode Scanner
  • For IPhone, Android and the Web
  • Can be installed as a Search Engine in most Browsers
  • Use in Supermarkets or at Home
  • Completely Free with No Advertising
  • Open Source
  • Coming up, search for products like "Vegan Chocolate"
  • Coming up, scan all your shopping and get a total score, that you can visualize.

How does it work?

The database is in the public domain and is crowdsourced, all registered users can update the database.

#. When you scan a barcode using the application. #. The I2U database is searched for the product. #. If the product is not found you are asked to enter in the details of the product. Many times it is only the barcode that is different for the product. #. We ask that you take a photo of the product, and a close up of the label of the product so that we can verify that the information is correct. #. Also please add the value of the product in your country.